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So much stuff. I started blogging back in the 1990s but I started afresh when I switched the site over to WordPress in 2004. Since then, almost everything I’ve added has remained online. That’s nearly twenty years of stuff. That level of stuff needs some kind of organisation, so this page (hopefully) provides you with some kind of overview.

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  • Dählhölzli zoo, Bern

    Opinionated photographs from January 2011.

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  • Random things in August

    An unfestive 1st August, barbecuing in a mountain valley and walking around a lovely lake near Gstaad.

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  • Meall an Leathaid

    A dramatic and cold landscape, photographed twelve years ago during one of my first outings in into the winter landscape of Ross and Cromarty. The road from Easter Ross into the Strathrusdale valley leads into what I felt was the middle of nowhere, but as I explored further, I found a smattering of crofts and…

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  • The Grimsel Snake

    The “Grimsel Snake” (“Grimselschlange”) is a cloud formation in the mountain region between canton Bern and Wallis, where the clouds pour over the ridge slowly like water when the humidity and wind combine in the right direction. Here’s a time-lapse video I filmed of it from the Furka Bélvèdere car park in 2016.

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My first love is photography and although there are plenty of photos on the site, there isn’t currently an archive or proper photography section. This is because I decided to remove the former archive of several thousand images because the maintenance of the outdated technology which ran it was doing my head in.

Blog posts

Documentary photography; drone photography; panoramic photography; portraiture and more to come.