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Photography and programming since 1983. CMS developer since 2001. WordPress since 2004, TYPO3 since 2011 and agency partner since January 2019.

I’m a British photographer, designer and web developer and I live in Switzerland. Permanent Tourist is my personal website. I came up with the name because I try to live like an interested visitor, whether at home or elsewhere.

I speak English and Bernese (Swiss) German fluently, German relatively well, and French passably but with a little hesitation. Through my work on multilingual websites, I also have an understanding of written Italian, and my abilities in German allow me a basic understanding of Dutch.

I spend much of my spare time in the mountains near where I live on the shores of Lake Thun: hiking and taking photographs. I’ve been here since 2001; before that, I lived in Hampshire, England and (as a child) in London.

My day job is as a website developer, primarily building front-ends for CMS-driven websites using WordPress. I joined Swiss web agency Say Hello GmbH as Partner in January 2019.

My wife Jo moved from Scotland to live with me during 2006. We married during 2007 in the splendour of Rosslyn Chapel, and combined our surnames.

Long before all this was a twinkle in my eye, I studied to A-level at Salesian College in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Curriculum vitæ

My c.v. is here.


Me, on a train from Pisa to Florence in 1998

I write long-form entries in alphabetical order about my life from time to time. The first was published here in 2013. The current entries are here.

With my wife Jo in Zermatt, 2015
With my colleagues at our agency Say Hello.
Mark Howells-Mead on stage at WordCamp Zurich
Speaking at WordCamp Zurich in 2019. Photo by Christoph von Siebenthal, shared under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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