Late afternoon at Neuhaus, near Interlaken, 2020

Hiking with Jo in the English Lake District in 2018

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  • The forests of Jura
    Taking ourselves on a walk in the blissful isolation of the forests of Jura.
  • Using colour profiles in Lightroom
    By applying the right colour profile to your photo, you can get a much more nuanced version than through simple editing.
  • The right angle at Fingle Bridge
    Getting the best shot possible is all about chance, timing and consideration of the correct angle.
  • Let a website be a worry stone
    Ethan and Jeremy shared some thoughts recently about how a side-project or personal website can be a way to either distract yourself from other worries, or to center yourself […]
  • Ranz des vaches/lyôba
    Jo reminded me earlier of the Ranz des Vaches (or Lyôba), a classical Swiss alpine song which has stirred the hearts of many Swiss for years. It’s said that the song made those Swiss living abroad so homesick, that singing and playing it was banned amongst Swiss mercenaries in the eighteenth century, so as not to cause desertion.

Speaking at WordPress conference WordCamp Zurich in 2019

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Photography and programming since 1983. CMS developer since 2001. WordPress since 2004, TYPO3 since 2011 and agency partner since January 2019. I’m a British photographer, designer and web developer and I live in Switzerland with my wife Jo.

Permanent Tourist is my personal website. I came up with the name because I try to live like an interested visitor, whether at home or elsewhere.

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