Aerial photograph of Faulensee and Lake thun

The last light

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Panoramic aerial photograph of the Tschingellochtighorn in Switzerland

Tschingellochtighorn from Engstligenalp

Obstinacy got me past a viewpoint I had aimed for and gave me the opportunity to capture a wonderfully dramatic alternative image.

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A new perspective – Faulensee

A new perspective – Faulensee

Short sequence of aerial views of Faulensee in Switzerland.

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Screenshot of the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress

WordPress’ Gutenberg editor

The major update of WordPress, scheduled for this year, will contain a brand-new and much-improved editor.

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Spiez castle, photographed at dusk using a Mavic Air drone

Improving low-light drone photographs

A quick tip on how to get better image results from your Mavic drone in low-light conditions.

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Using a church to tell the time

After so many years in Switzerland, we rely on the quarter-hourly chiming of the nearest church bell to know what the time is. Or, if we’re enjoying a summer evening, quickly looking across to the other side of the village. …

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Custom presets in Adobe Lightroom for mobile

Custom presets in Adobe Lightroom for mobile

Adobe has, at last, added the possibility to add custom presets in the mobile version of Lightroom.

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Photograph of a print of the lake shore at Gunten in Switzerland

The pleasure is in the process

What I get out of taking the time and effort to take landscape images with a proper camera, and printing them to make proper photographs you can hold in your hand.

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Aerial photo of Zurich's Prime Tower

The Prime Tower

Even in real life, the Prime Tower in Zurich looks like an architect’s digitally created visualization. It was the tallest building in Switzerland until 2011.

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A new view of a well-known scene

It’s wonderful to find a new, photographically perfect viewpoint in a place I know so well. (Of course, on a day when I only had my smartphone with me.) Expect to see more shots from this spot in Grindelwald!…

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Cinque Terre – Vernazza

Black-and-white photos from wanderings in the Italian Cinque Terre.

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Cinque Terre – Monterosso al Mare

Black-and-white photos from wanderings in the Italian Cinque Terre.

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Plus ça change

Ten years ago in the main concourse at Bern’s main railway station.

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Sandbanks and Poole harbour in Dorset

Sandbanks peninsula, Dorset

A small community on the British coast, near Poole in Dorset, is a prime piece of land. Measuring just eighty-eight metres at its narrowest point, the peninsula is amongst the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world, after cities like London and Tokyo.

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As far as the barrier, and beyond

I love the alpine Susten Pass road and the mountain scenery there, particularly the area around the Steingletscher glacier and nearby hotel. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited in spring – before the upper reaches of the road have been cleared of snow – so Jo and…

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River Po, Turin, Italy

River Po, Italy

The famous weir across the River Po in Turin, Italy, across which stunt drivers took three Mini Coopers for the classic version of The Italian Job fifty years ago.

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Hotel Roma, Turin

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Using a drone subtly

Using a drone isn't all about “aerial photography”, but, for me, about the ability to get better angles for photos which are otherwise out of reach.

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DSGVO der EU: Auswirkungen auf Schweizer Website-Betreiber

Am WordPress Meetup in Bern am 17. April 2018 sprach Martin Steiger über die Auswirkungen der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) auf Schweizer Website-Betreiber.

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How not to edit photos in Lightroom

How not to edit photos in Lightroom

Great, simple tips for getting better results from Adobe Lightroom.

31st March 2018 | Read more »

Aerial photography with the Mavic Air

After a lot of deliberation, a few months' saving, and a lot of review videos and articles, I decided to buy a drone.

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Why the age of WordPress’ Core code doesn’t matter all that much

Many developers complain that WordPress is an outdated system, relying on old code for the sake of the widest range of possible support. I see that as one of the advantages of WordPress.

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