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  • Kandersteg in the snow

    A beautiful, gentle, snowy walk back in January.

  • Panoramic photography along a walk between Interlaken West station and Neuhaus harbour.

  • Spring snow on Sigriswiler Rothorn

    Spring snow

    We had some late snow just recently and although it was lovely to look at, the temperatures were brought down. I’m done with winter and cold, now. I want the mountains to clear so I can get out walking again.

  • I have tons and tons of drive. When I get interested in something, I can easily go overboard and spend a lot of time thinking about it. I’m no genius by any means, but if I set to something which I’m passionate about, then I can usually get up to speed relatively well. My wife…

  • Delving for treasured albums amongst piles and piles of vinyl and CDs.

  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    Using a constant to a Webpack build process for reusable components in your scripts.

  • Screenshot of the Hotel Aare website in Thun

    How to “move” single WordPress posts into the page hierarchy.

  • Do what you love for the happiness it brings

    Enjoying the things which make you happy in the time you have available.

Photographic archive

Recent additions to an ever-growing collection of photos I’m sharing publicly here on the site. (Don’t be surprised if the latest additions are older. I’m adding them from my personal archive in a pretty random order.)