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  • Low water levels in Gwatt

    Below the water line (again)

    Exceptionally low water levels at Lake Thun, as part of a four-year routine.

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  • Over the Schallenberg Pass

    Taking the Mini out for a drive through the hills to Emmental.

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  • Second attempt

    The single arrival of the day on the BLS winter cruise schedule. The captain had to reverse and re-dock at the ship jetty in Faulensee because he buggered up the approach.

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  • The coffee cups at Ikea are half the size of regular mugs, but if you arrive at the café 15 minutes before closing time on a Saturday, there’s no time to take advantage of the free refills. On the other hand, you don’t have to sit amongst screaming kids and their minders, so…

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  • The edge of the afternoon

    A pleasant walk down from Allmendhubel through Blumental valley, into the shade cast by the mountain ridge, then back into the sun to slither our way down the ice-covered path to Mürren.

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  • Beauty in the Melancholy

    Beauty in the Melancholy

    I used to avoid Radiohead back in the 1990s, because my youthful inexperience made me think their songs were miserable. I’m so glad that I’ve grown up to hear the beauty in the melancholy.

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  • How to work around PHP’s deprecation of dynamic class properties without refactoring your whole codebase.

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  • Pool of light in the back lanes near Faulensee

    Adapting into the new season

    Reminding myself that although mountain hiking season is over now, there are still wonderful opportunities to walk and clear the mind.

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Photographic archive

Recent additions to an ever-growing collection of photos I’m sharing publicly here on the site. (Don’t be surprised if the latest additions are older. I’m adding them from my personal archive in a pretty random order.)

About me and the site

I’m Mark; a photographer, web developer and blogger living in Switzerland. Permanent Tourist is my personal website. I came up with the name because I try to live like an interested visitor, whether at home or elsewhere.

Mark and Jody Howells-Mead in Zermatt, 2015


WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in the world. I’ve been using WordPress for personal and business projects since 2003, both as part of my day job and also as a freelancer. I have been an active member of the Swiss WordPress community since the first official Swiss WordCamp in 2014, co-organising and presenting at conferences across the country.

Mark Howells-Mead on stage at WordCamp Zurich