Monthly reviews

One of the great delights of my life is how random it is. I’ve been keeping track of the randomness for a while, and share little monthly updates about what I’ve been up to.



  • Random things in January

    It seems to stick in my mind that by the time we get to January, we’re well into winter. But the snow and ice often doesn’t arrive where I live until January or February, although that doesn’t preclude it being pretty damned cold from time to time. January this year marked the arrival of my…

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  • Cable car passing the woods, Mürren

    Random things in February

    Mainly speaking, the month of February is a cold one, when my thoughts start turning to days out and summer temperatures. That being said, I still managed to get out on some trips, with the main goal of getting some exercise.

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  • Random things in March

    As the previous post for April went down well, I thought I’d work backwards and start adding a few new little galleries of photos to show what I’ve been up to each month. Here’s March 2022 in pictures.

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  • It’s been a while since I thought of sharing anything on my website. Things have been very busy, both with work, trips here and there and with getting our balcony ready for summer. Instead of waffling on, I thought I’d try a new approach for a change: a brief visual review of what I got…

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  • Random things in May

    May is a funny month for me. The countryside is green and lush, with lots of flowers in the meadows and a pleasant mix of cooling rain and warming sunshine, but I often feel a little frustration because the higher mountains are often still covered with slushy snow. This year, I’ve been spending a lot…

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  • Random things in June

    My main photographic focus in June was our trip to Brittany in north-western France.

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  • Random things in July

    Hiking and keeping cool in the mid-summer alpine heat.

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  • Random things in August

    A lovely month full of experiences, but fewer random photographs than usual.

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  • Random things in September

    The gradual arrival of autumn; clouds clinging to the mountains, fresher air and a wider variety of colours in the landscape. My favourite time of the year is coming.

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  • Random things in October

    A trip to England, a lack of autumn feeling despite the vivid colours and learning how to set a fire.

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  • Above the clouds en route to Beatenberg

    Random things in November

    Little photography and a big loss.

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  • The “random things” posts are primarily about random stuff I’ve seen in the course of a month. The random stuff I saw in December was spread over four countries.

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