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A good deal of this website is about me, but the posts in this category are specifically about events and periods in my life.

  • Delving for treasured albums amongst piles and piles of vinyl and CDs.

  • Pissing the night away

    Remembering Luke the alcoholic.

  • A memorable school trip to Oxford University, which ended in the pub.

  • Six years before this photo was taken, and after moving up the road from St. Gregory’s primary school in Yorktown, I learned to swim in the icy outdoor pool in front of the middle building, played with toy cars in the sand and roots of the reddish tree in the middle of the picture, lost…

  • I am an introvert and that’s O.K.

  • I’m moving to Swiss web agency Say Hello as partner, client consultant and full-stack developer from January 2019.

  • The long, long progression from being a teenager with a stitch to being a forty-something with a passion for walking.

  • G is for Golf

    Before photography and the internet, golf was the major hobby in my life for many years, in all its forms.

  • With hindsight, one of the things which drew me to the home where we now live is how many little details of it are similar to where I spent childhood holidays. Not the mountains, but the sweep of a shore line, the little houses dotted across the hillside, the wild grasses waving in the breeze,…

  • Farnborough Air Show

    The Red Arrows perform at the 2014 Farnborough Air Show.

  • The latest in a alphabetic series on aspects of my life: this time, the letter F is inspired by this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival.

  • The simplest solution is rarely the simplest solution.

  • Nineties flashback

    An early autumn rainy Sunday drove me down to the cellar today, for a long-awaited clear-out. Amongst the piles of stuff now split between a much tidier cellar and a car half-filled with rubbish to be taken to the recycling centre, a big box full of old music cassettes came to the fore, which I’ve…

  • It was amazing to watch him in the darkroom at an advanced age, still get excited when the results were pleasing. He still struggled like we all do in the darkroom and he struggled behind the camera, and when he had a success he was beaming. John Sexton It’s a bit scary to think that…

  • C is for Car

    “Man sits in car; dribes.” Judging by this early statement from my childhood, I’ve always been a driver.

  • B is for Blog

    Blogging – writing for an unknown audience – has been a part of my life for over twenty years. And I still love it.

  • Being a foreigner, or Ausländer, is only how other people classify me and what affects my life for better or worse makes me who I am today. I am just a person, formed in character of those experiences which have led me to where I sit today.

  • A detailed look back on a little over twenty years as an R.E.M. fan, with details of what each of the albums means to me and what part music has played in my life so far.

  • When I heard of the great ruckus surrounding the potential demolition of my pre-junior school in Surrey, I decided to return while I was in the U.K. to make sure that I had some photos to remember it by.

  • I’ve recently joined Jo in a drive towards more fitness and have rescinded the use of tram transport in and around Bern in favour of foot power.

  • Because I’ve wasted so much time with pointless babbling, I have had no time to create books of photography and of special holidays, yet I have wasted ten percent of my working day in inanities. So, no more. No more drivel. No more wasted time and a re-invigoration of my creativity.