Schangnau, Switzerland

No longer a Nikon photographer

In which I exchange pretty much all of my camera equipment for a smaller, lighter, more simple alternative.

Video preview image for Emmental fire festival

Emmental fire festival

The Fire Festival in Signau, a small area in the Emmental valley, is a Swiss folk and artistic festival; a smaller equivalent of Burning Man in the U.S. My friend and independent filmmaker Yannick de Zordo – who plays bass guitar for Choo Choo and who produced the great video for their song “We Go”… (Read More)

Found You!

The latest image in my One Frame Movie series, photographed on the covered wooden bridge at Hasle bei Rüegsau in the Emmental valley.

Early morning in Emmental

Small gallery of panoramic images taken early in the morning in Emmental during 2005, for use as theatre backdrops.