The Fire Festival in Signau, a small area in the Emmental valley, is a Swiss folk and artistic festival; a smaller equivalent of Burning Man in the U.S. My friend and independent filmmaker Yannick de Zordo – who plays bass guitar for Choo Choo and who produced the great video for their song “We Go” – visited this year’s event and filmed some of the proceedings using a dSLR, using a wide-aperture lens to make the most of the firelight. By using a wide aperture, only the proceedings lit be firelight are visible, which creates an intimate effect in the short film which is extended by the use of selective focus and a very narrow depth of field.

3 responses to “Emmental fire festival”

  1. Anna avatar

    He communicated the atmosphere and excitement well. The editing’s really excellent.

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Thanks for the comment; Yan’s video stream is at and I’m sure he’d like to receive the comment directly too!

  2. andre avatar

    And this guy is quick! Thanx to the artist for the great work in only 2 days! Very nice atmosphere in the dark, well edited. Thank you! andre,

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