One year on

A year ago today, I left my previous employer after seven and a half years to start a new working life in Bern.

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Jungfrau Zeitung secures its newspaper business

The newest version of the newspaper, to which I still subscribe online despite no longer working or living in the catchment area, produced by a small handful of people and covering purely local news instead of falling to the temptation of reporting news from more distant regions, is at least a match for – if not better than – most national newspapers.

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Police revise public guidance over street photography laws

London's Metropolitan Police has changed its public guidance on photography to reflect concerns raised by the National Union of Journalists.

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Conversation with a Strobist

My friend Beat Glauser, discussing photographic geekery late one evening at my home.

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Timelapse Tram Ride

Timelapse Tram Ride

A stop motion video of the tram journey between Zytglogge and Mattenhof areas of Bern in Switzerland.

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You’ve Got Mail

An American company offers a service to send individual, custom postcards from your mobile phone or web browser via traditional mail.

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Seenachtsfest Spiez

The Seenachtsfest took place last weekend in Spiez, so Jo and I headed up with our friend Beat to the vineyards near our home, where there is a commanding view across the castle, lake and surrounding mountains.

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Millennium Dome, London

Continuing in the series of individual photos along the Thames which I took in 1999 for a City and Guilds photo course.

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After seeing a few shots around the internet in a certain darkened, de-saturated style, I asked around to see if anyone was familiar with the post-processing technique which is used to create it.

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Stock Ghyll Beck, Cumbria

One of the many hundreds of gems which lie in folders in my cupboard; one of the thousands of frames taken over the years with traditional film cameras.

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Pause on the walk to Faulensee

Jo takes a break on our walk along the lake to Faulensee from home.

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Chalk Farm Tube Station, London

One of my pictures in 1993 was of the unique tiling at Chalk Farm on the Northern Line, late one evening.

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Visit Switzerland: The Alpine Passes

I occasionally receive emails from people all over the world, who find my photos and blog and want to know which places in Switzerland are unmissable for their upcoming trip. The most recent one has inspired me to make a series of blog posts in response, the first of which covers the high altitude mountain passes of the central Swiss Alps.

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In the Alps

A small collation of mountain images from the last few years of my home region within Switzerland: the Bernese Oberland.

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Pocket Rocket

In which I explain why I chose to buy an iPhone and what advantages it has brought to me. Post includes photos, multimedia and a healthy dose of geekery (which I've made understandable for non-geeks!)

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Pascal and Nadia

Photos from last Sunday, when a colleague from work and his girlfriend took up my offer and joined me for a free photoshoot.

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Classical accordion

Classical accordion

A lone man sat on a little fold-away stool, out of the way of people hurrying past, and played classical music wonderfully on an unaccompanied accordion.

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Date selected for Swiss Strobist day in Lausanne

The date for the next Swiss Strobist photographic meetup in Lausanne (Switzerland) has been selected.

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Technical case study: Rütli

Details of the new website for Swiss national historic location Rütli, combined with a brief explanation of the meadow's history.

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Through the Windows

A personal history of computer desktop wallpaper, a Microsoft Switzerland competition in which you can take part, and some free landscape photos for you to download.

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Here today, here tomorrow

With an audience comes responsibility. Use it wisely and carefully.

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