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Pascal and Nadia

As I’ve written before, I came to the decision at the start of the summer that I will be offering couples and groups free portrait services, so that I can try out new ideas and start enjoying photography without feeling any pressure to make money. Since doing so, two colleagues from work have expressed an interest and I arranged with the first of them that I would visit Fribourg and spend a few hours with him and his girlfriend taking pictures.

My original idea had been that I would work on a photo similar in technique and style to the very successful CHOO CHOO shot I took at the Swiss Strobist meet in May. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t play ball and on arriving in Fribourg, the sun was shining brightly and leaving little opportunity for me to create my own lighting. So, I elected to go with the flow and use the bright, sunny conditions to my advantage: using reflected sunlight and vivid colours to create a set of more traditional portraits. Albeit with a little twist; aiming for a distance in some shots (1, 2) and a staged feel to others (1, 2).

Have your photo taken for free

Sounds good? If you like my style of photography, you’re in Switzerland and you would like to work with me on a portrait shoot, then send me an email at and we’ll arrange a shoot. Please note that the offer for free portraiture does not apply to certain situations: for example, weddings, corporate or company photographs, or photos for commercial use.

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  1. Mum avatar

    Good set of photos Mark – I’m sure they are pleased with them

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