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I am a British photographer, designer and web programmer living in Switzerland. My day job is as Technical Manager at !frappant Webfactory in Bern, where I wrangle front end and backend code for content management systems like TYPO3 and WordPress.

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Riffelsee, Switzerland

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  • The luck and beauty of life

    The luck and beauty of life

    We are ever grateful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful country. For the luck which means that we are of sufficient means to decide, based on a weather forecast, to drive for fifteen minutes and ascend in a rattling funicular cabin to a place which feels like the top of the world. All to […]

  • 7 videos in 7 days

    7 videos in 7 days

    For those who may have missed out: one of those meme things went around on Facebook and I posted a favourite video per day over 7 days. 1. Stipe and co. in 1993, with reminiscences of So. Central Rain in their video for “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite”. 2. Eminem as superhero? MTV’d feel so lonely without […]

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