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  • Automatically detecting browser language using htaccess

    The tourism organization for Lake Lucerne has just launched a great-looking new website. Modern design, nice typography, beautiful pictures and a simple navigation all add to the experience. But one small improvement could be made by adding a few simple lines of code to the .htaccess file: making sure that visitors to the site automatically […]

  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    A lovely idea from Graubünden Tourism. Set up an interactive video advertisement in Zürich’s main station, showing what a beautiful part of the Alps you could end up in by just getting on a train. Then invite passers-by to join you by printing them a free ticket on the spot. (And wait for the initiative to spread across […]



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I am a British photographer, designer and web programmer living in Switzerland. My day job is as Technical Manager at !frappant Webfactory in Bern, where I wrangle front end and backend code for content management systems like TYPO3 and WordPress.

This is my personal website and blog, on which I share my photos and write on topics like web design, photography, lighting/portraiture technique and travel.

Jo and me on the summit of Great Gable

On the summit of Great Gable in England, 2014


I share a lot of photos here on my blog, but the most extensive collection of images I have online is at Flickr. I’ve been sharing photos there for over ten years now and have amassed nearly 7000 images spread across a wide range of albums.

You can also find my photography at Getty Images, National Geographic, Picfair and 500px.

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