Chevroux to Gletterens

We like to visit the shores of Lac de Neuchâtel to walk along the shore, and to enjoy what equates to beach life when we’re several hours’ drive from the closest bit of seaside. The lake shore in Romandie—the French-speaking part of Switzerland—is only about an hour from home by car, so it’s pretty feasible to get over there for a few hours on a weekend afternoon. The area is still a draw in winter thanks to a different feel to the area where we live, a wider number of birds, and photographic potential. Not least because on cold days, we often get the shoreline entirely to ourselves.

We last visited in January, when I wanted to walk around the semi-abandoned holiday parks and shoreline and to walk along a woodland path between the villages of Chevroux and Gletterens. (The latter being the location of a small prehistoric settlement and museum—Village Lacustre—which we visited last year.)

As the weather was inhospitably cold and we’d left for the walk a little late in the day, we only walked half-way between the villages before returning the way we’d come. Despite the cold weather and dark woods, we managed to see quite a few little birds and even some deer in the gloom, before returning to the silent village of Chevroux to take some photos of the surroundings under some lovely pink light.

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