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Virginia Water

A small gallery of photos inspired by the silvery light mixed with deep shade in the forest park of Virginia Water in Surrey, England.

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Il Saraceno, Amalfi Coast

Jo and I are off to Salina and Sicily on Thursday. I might be able to send photos from my phone but if it keeps playing silly buggers, you’ll have to wait until we get back. :-) This shot is from our trip last year to the Amalfi coast.

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Dog Shooting, Pompeii, Italy

One of those perfect moments, when time seems to slow down and the photograph almost takes itself. A photographer taking a picture – “shooting” – a sleeping stray dog through anti-dust netting in Pompeii.

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Meeting Point

"The iron staircase shortens the distance to the distant lake shore, thereby creating the illusion of an unexpected encounter. The beholder in Spiez can take a leap in time and space, and imagine following the small pioneer at the top of the stairway." Artist: Marianne Lutz See also: Worlds’ Encounter

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