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Fornillo Beach

One of a series of photos added to my Campania, Italy set on Flickr.

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Fornillo Beach Day III, Positano, Italy

One of the benefits of going to the less well-known beach early in the season was that we had plenty of space and a range of sun loungers from which to choose. We were outdone on the tanning stakes by an older man, who spent the afternoon in the full glare of the sun and […]

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Fornillo Beach Day IV, Positano, Italy

Though the heat in the sun was bearable, the dark shingle and sand of the beach was so hot, that footwear was essential. I forgot at one stage and singed the soles of my feet, making them tingle for the rest of the afternoon.

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Fornillo Beach Day, Positano, Italy

Another special moment of the holiday: Jo’s first time in the Mediterranean. An unusual experience, to swim in warm sea water, when your previous experience is the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.

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