Photos from the collection kleine scheidegg

The Saddle

The Jungfraujoch station, tourist destination and meteorological research centre sits on the "saddle" between the Mönch and Jungfrau peaks. The weather was fine enough to spend some time outside when we visited, so I took the opportunity to stomp through the snow to the very base of the Mathildespitze, a high outcrop beneath the main […]

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Four minute view

The train to the Jungfraujoch stops in the tunnel for five minutes at each of the two microstations inside the Eiger. At Eismeer, pictured here, one gets the chance to run for the viewing windows, marvel at the glaciers, snap a photo, and run back to the waiting train.

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Eiger North Wall Chairlift

The new 6-seater chairlift running from Arvengarten to the base of the north wall of the Eiger, photographed from the Eiger Run sledge track above Grindelwald. In the background, the peaks of the Jungfrau and adjacent mini-peak of the Silberhorn. View larger at Permanent Tourist.

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