Strobist day in Lausanne

A gallery of photographs from the Strobist portrait day at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

30th September 2009 | Read more »

Hacer in blue

A shot from the Lausanne Strobist day, using in-camera colour balance to create a special effect.

29th September 2009 | Read more »

Running Scared

Continuing on the theme of photographic ideas, here's another image from a photo session in Zürich a couple of weeks ago, in which lighting played a key part in the shoot. The idea was born when I came across the unusual road markings in the middle of a four-way junction.

24th September 2009 | Read more »

It’s the idea that counts

The most inspirational photographs are often those where the lighting plan doesn't play a major role; those where the idea and aim of the picture takes the lead.

23rd September 2009 | Read more »

Krist and Corinne

The next in a series of portrait sessions which I've shot for free, this time at and near my home in Spiez of friends Krist and Corinne.

20th September 2009 | Read more »

Steam train Strobist

Werner Rolli organized a special steam train event near Solothurn last weekend, and I was able to help out by publicizing the event through the usual Swiss Strobist channels, as well as attend the event and get some photos myself.

18th September 2009 | Read more »

Love of my life

You know how the saying goes: behind every good man stands a great woman.

14th September 2009 | Read more »

Crossmedia Team at Burson-Marsteller

A gallery of portrait images I've taken of team colleagues at work, for use on the team website.

12th September 2009 | Read more »

Eight years on

I stood and looked out of our window at home early this morning, as I was getting ready for work, remembering another beautiful, crisp autumn morning far, far away.

11th September 2009 | Read more »

Death of a cemetery

Sad news comes today for the family and fans of the "Autofriedhof": the site must be cleared. Here's an article about the closure, which I've translated from the German article at the Swiss newspaper "Tagesanzeiger".

10th September 2009 | Read more »

Katrin in Interlaken

A portrait gallery of my friend Katrin, taken at three locations on the shores of Lake Thun near Interlaken.

6th September 2009 | Read more »

Rain, Rain

Photos of various wetness around the city of Bern, as I head for the train station and home on a Friday night.

4th September 2009 | Read more »

Photography in the Swiss railway network

Written confirmation from the media relations team of the SBB/CFF/FFS that photography for private use in their railway stations is allowed and does not require a permit.

2nd September 2009 | Read more »

Swiss Press Photo 2008

The Käfigturm – a city prison for several hundred years until 1897 – is now a pretty unique centre for events and exhibitions. The current exhibition on show is a collection of photographs selected for the Swiss Press Photo Award for 2008, which opened recently as a free exhibition and runs until 10th October. I took advantage of the adjacent tram stop and went to see the photos this lunchtime.

2nd September 2009 | Read more »