Love of my life

You know how the saying goes: behind every good man stands a great woman. In my case it’s particularly true as I have a tremendous amount of support from my wife Jo. She’s always there to support me when I need it and whenever my drive or creativity fails, or when I question my own ability, she is always there to push me back on track and lift me when I’m low. She has patience in times when I am difficult, a shoulder for when I need support and an ear when I need to talk. When she’s not being a model for me, she even stands in as an assistant, helping me to create photographs and giving invaluable suggestions and hints on aspects which I might not see. I credit her with giving me the help and drive I need to make better and better photos, to stretch my ability and to try and see the world from other people’s perspectives and not just my own. I thank her for all the effort she puts in and for the patience and love she shows me, especially in times when I unwittingly test that patience.


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