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A Sun, Drowning

As office workers and shop girls sway home from the city on the dusty local train, the sun reaches out orange tendrils of light. Plucking ineffectually at the clouds, trying desperately to gain purchase, it sinks inexorably in the rolling landscape before the clouds catch fire and shadow overwhelms its realm. The death is ferocious: […]

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As I reached the curve in the road, I saw that the red car was still there, so I decided to pull in and see what all the fuss was about. I’d been past earlier that day, on my way down to Tom’s with the new rope that he needed, and the car had been […]

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It was a long night last night. The voices didn’t let you sleep much; they never do at the weekend, do they? It must have something to do with the excitement of the end of the week when you were a kid; when you were hustled through the darkness, packed onto a train and met […]

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