New programming techniques in my daily workflow

While my main hobby in my private life is photography, I earn my living through programming websites. Since moving to !frappant back in April last year - has it really been a year already?! - I've been striving to learn as many new techniques as possible. It's been a particular goal to get out of the technical lull which came about due to an excess of concept work and a lack of programming at B-M, and I've already found that the long hours I put in last year - in particular for the Bike To Work project, which is currently running at full pelt - have paid off. I'm up to speed with TYPO3 development, although upcoming newer versions and new core concepts are going to mean more time re-learning the basics. That's one of the great things about the job though; you're never "done", there are always new things just around the corner.

11th April 2012 |