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  • Hiking amongst the glacial screes

    Walking into the middle of nowhere from the heights of the Furka Pass.

  • There is a light that never goes out

    Marr’s rendition shows what a joyful song this is, despite the superficial conclusion which many (or most) people draw from the chorus. It’s not about death, but the incredibly deep love felt by the protagonist. I think this didn’t come across in Morrissey’s renditions, because his style emphasised misery instead of joy.

  • Birg to Mürren through the clouds

    I’m looking forward to the new cable-cars next year. I hope that they’ll have dirt-repellent, scratch-resistant windows. (Sequence filmed in February 2021.)

  • Taking our bikes further afield

    Finally got a tow bar fitted to the car, which means we can mount a bike rack, which means we can take our bikes further afield at last!

  • Unter dem Birg to Engstligenalp

    Time-lapse sequence of the cable car ride from the valley station to the mountain station.

  • Ranz des vaches/lyôba

    Jo reminded me earlier of the Ranz des Vaches (or Lyôba), a classical Swiss alpine song which has stirred the hearts of many Swiss for years. It’s said that the song made those Swiss living abroad so homesick, that singing and playing it was banned amongst Swiss mercenaries in the eighteenth century, so as not…

  • A Day at the Schilthorn

    Schilthorn is a fascinating location where the James Bond Movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed and remains a huge tourist attraction with a revolving 360 degree restaurant. Schilthorn Piz-gloria is one of my favorite places to ski because you’re always above the clouds and the skiing is so beautiful. Words cannot describe the…

  • Piles of sand

    Piles of sand

    The joy of paragliding at the Dune du Pilat in France.

  • Goppenstein to Kandersteg

    A time-lapse sequence of the journey between Goppenstein and Kandersteg through the Lötschberg tunnel.

  • Grütschalp to Lauterbrunnen

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Grütschalp to Lauterbrunnen in Swiss canton Bern.

  • The history of the web (and the invention of jam) by Martin Splitt at Front Conference in Zurich.

  • The Rescued Film project

    In 2016, photographer and archivist Levi Bettwieser, who runs the Rescued Film project, put out a call for sponsorship. He had come into possession of 66 bundles of unprocessed, exposed film and needed help to cover the costs of developing it for archival purposes.

  • Mürren to Gimmelwald

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Mürren to Gimmelwald in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Birg to Mürren

    Birg to Mürren

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Birg to Mürren in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Schilthorn to Birg

    Time-lapse video of the cable-car ride from Schilthorn to Birg in Swiss canton Bern.

  • Riederalp to Hohfluh

    Time-lapse video of the chairlift ride from Riederalp to Hohfluh in Swiss canton Wallis.

  • Capture The North

    A short film by David Jervidal.

  • Blofeld’s Lair from the air

    Filming and photographing at the mountain-top restaurant made famous by James Bond.

  • Diemtigen Valley from the air

    Aerial sequences of the quiet and peaceful Diemtigal Valley in Switzerland.

  • Lobhörner from Sulwald

    The longest and hardest hike in Switzerland I’ve managed to date, captured in photos and video.

  • Sardona tectonic area, Graubünden

    My second “vlog”, from Flims in Graubünden.