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Zermatt is a sizeable, car-free village in the southern Swiss alps, ringed by many 4,000-metre-high peaks: most famously, the Matterhorn.

  • The Belt of Venus

    Before dawn in autumn and winter on a clear day, where there is moisture or minutely-fine dust in the air, early risers get to see the Belt of Venus. The pink colouration at around 10°-20° above the horizon is caused by the scattered, reflected light of the sun hitting minute dust particles in the west, […]

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  • Sunrise over the Matterhorn

    Catching the first train from Zermatt onto the mountain and photographing the most well-known peak in Switzerland.

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  • Ballenberg, Switzerland

    2019 in review: Swiss winter landscapes

    For my first blog post in review of 2019, I decided to pick out a few of my favourite wintry photographs from last year in Switzerland, which show the kind of classical landscape photography I love.

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  • Thomas Heaton in Switzerland

    Thomas Heaton in Switzerland

    British photographer and videographer Thomas Heaton visits three of my favourite locations in Switzerland.

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  • The draw of the Hörnlihütte

    Itching to visit the historic Hörnlihütte in Zermatt.

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  • Riffelsee to Riffelalp, Zermatt

    Before the proper snow arrived at the start of this year’s winter season, we visited Zermatt and visited the famous, much-photographed view of the Matterhorn from Riffelsee.

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  • Breithorn, Zermatt

    The valley at Zermatt is surrounded by nearly three dozen peaks with summits higher than 4,000 metres above sea level. The Breithorn is well-known as the “easiest” to ascend: although easiness is, of course, a matter of reference. The number of tiny, ant-like climbers on the slopes leading from the Breithorn Plateau was quite amazing, when […]

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  • Die Bergretter – Air Zermatt

    Die Bergretter – Air Zermatt

    Fast anderthalb Stunden in Begleitung der «Rotbiene»: der Rettungsdienst von Air Zermatt rund ums Matterhorn. Wenn ich mit 28 mit mehr Geld im Konto in die Schweiz gekommen wäre, wäre ich Helikopterpilot geworden. Weil meine Geschichte diesen Weg nicht folgte, muss ich mich mit ein paar Touristenflüge pro Jahrzehnt und das Zuschauen von solchen Dokumentarfilmen zurecht finden.

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  • Mountains of Valais

    Mountains of Valais

    A wonderful time-lapse sequence from the southern borders with Italy, ranging from the Nufenen Pass to Zermatt and the Matterhorn. Film maker Christian Mülhauser writes: Through fog, rain, snow and even wind gusts of up to 120 km/h I am happy to have completed this project. Mountains of Valais is by far my most time […]

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  • Jonathan Henry Colville

    “Let me go climb these virgin snows,Leave the dark stain of man behind.Let me adventure and heaven knows,Grateful shall be my quiet mind.” Jonathan Conville Jonathan Conville was originally from Odiham in Hampshire, near where I grew up.

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  • Zermatt’s Famous Goats

    For six weeks in the summer every year, young children under the watchful eye of a more experienced adult lead the local half brown, half white goats through the streets of Zermatt twice a day.

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  • Back in Zermatt

    Zermatt is one of the Swiss destinations most well-known outside Switzerland, thanks mainly to its proximity to the Matterhorn, probably the most famous mountain in the country.

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  • Flickering Light, Zermatt

    Flickering Light, Zermatt