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  • A lovely month full of experiences, but fewer random photographs than usual.

  • Small cascades in the forest above Beatenberg

    Taking my new tripod and neutral density filters for a walk in the forests above Beatenberg.

  • Wyssebach Falls, Susten, Switzerland


    There’s a trend these days for people to use the word “stunning”: from tabloid newspapers to t.v. presenters. And their use of the word so often makes everyone else use it. A view of the sea: “stunning”. A fashionable dress: “stunning”. A film star looking average on a red carpet somewhere: “stunning”. I think that use of the…

  • Schloss Laufen, Switzerland

    Information and tips for photographing the large Rhine waterfalls at Neuhausen, near the northern border of Switzerland.

  • Giessbach Falls in spate

    The name “Giessbach” translates literally as “pouring stream”, and pour it does, magnificently and powerfully, when there is a lot of rain.

  • Visiting the dramatic waterfalls and cave system in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland.

  • I decided to take advantage of glorious warm weather and the Easter bank holiday to visit the closed stretch of road near the upper reaches of the Susten pass in Switzerland.

  • Salmon Leap

    Photographing salmon leaping isn’t as easy as it first appears.

  • A long exposure photograph of the Giessbach waterfall near Brienz in full torrent.