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Simmental by Night

One of the many isolated homesteads on the upper slopes of the Simmental valley, lit up and warm and surrounded by silent, beautifully frozen peaks. View larger at Permanent Tourist.

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The Cross

"The same Mac-William’s daughter, who had not long left her mother’s womb, innocent as she was, was put to death, in the burgh of Forfar, in view of the market place, after a proclamation by the public crier. Her head was struck against the column of the market cross, and her brains dashed out." [Source] […]

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T minus 199

It’s been snowing heavily in Brienz all morning, so my trip to the supermarket to get lunch meant that I could finally inaugurate my "new" winter jacket with proper snow. I had the idea for this photo to dedicate to Jo, the best wife-to-be for which a man could ever hope. This photo is by […]

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