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  • The final resting place of a beloved character from the Harry Potter series of books and films.

  • Land of my fathers

    Visiting Wales and photographing both familiar and new views.

  • A friend from Switzerland appreciated the area through my photos last year and asked for some tips of some “must-see” places to visit on a short summer trip. After emailing details at the time, it’s taken me a while to get the tips into shape for a blog post… but here it is, at last!

  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

    Kenneth Kendall hosts a British t.v. game show from the 1980s, in which Anneka Rice chases around the Swiss Bernese Oberland in a helicopter.

  • The first crossing for the M4 motorway across the River Severn was opened in 1966. This bridge features heavily in my memories of travelling to Pembrokeshire as a child, as well as later visits to friends at university in Cardiff. Back then, I didn’t know the extent of the history of river crossings here. Until…

  • Using an excessive amount of noise reduction in Lightroom produces a lovely, subtle, painterly effect.

  • Ianto Jones was a character in the BBC sci-fi series Torchwood, who was killed off during the mini-series “Children of Earth” in 2009. This gated area on the shoreline at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay was used as one of the entrances to the secret Torchwood headquarters; when I visited in 2011, this array of…

  • Having made good time during a cross-Britain drive a few weeks ago, I stopped off at Cardiff to stretch my legs and visit spots well-known to fans of Doctor Who and Torchwood in Cardiff Bay.

  • Any photographer offering free photos should have a good reason for doing so. This is why I’ve chosen to make a large portion of my photographic archive available.

  • Windswept

    I dragged my family across a small island off the south coast of Pembrokeshire in South Wales in the rain to see a lighthouse. What a wretch I am.

  • It’s been a hectic week and weekend, hence the delay in posting that I’ve released my 2010 calendar.

  • Elegug Stacks are two limestone pillars standing freely, a short distance from the cliffs on the coastline of Pembrokeshire in south west Wales. Due to their inaccessibility, a multitude of birds are allowed to breed in comparative peace.

  • The Cave

    A moody, hand-held photograph of a beach cave in south west Wales.

  • Smogging

    One of my Gran’s endearing terms was “smogging” (which the rest of us know as “snogging”).

  • Photographed on Freshwater East beach during a family trip to Wales, where we used to go on family holidays.

  • A great moment as a family’s dog can barely contain himself on the way to the beach.

  • We’re only just back from a trip to Italy and it’s time to head off again for a foreign break!

  • Going through photos from our wedding and honeymoon trip last year, to compile a book from Blurb. So expect a few more ones you haven’t seen yet being added to this Flickr set.