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Cully from the vineyards

View large and read more information about this photo. Flickr contacts can view the original stitched 20 Mpx file (reduced to 75% JPG image quality), which took around eight minutes to capture using six individual images and two passes: one exposed for the vineyards and one exposed for the sky.

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Seenachtsfest 2009

Set up and ready to take photos of the fireworks for the annual Lake Festival. I tried out the shot using my iPhone, which I’ve found is a great on-the-spot test device for panorama shots.

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Spiez Harbour, Spiez, Switzerland

A welcome sight after yesterday’s taxing walk; particularly because of the hot chocolate waiting for us in the harbour restaurant. We’ve been looking out of our window for a long time, wondering what was up on the top of the hill in this photo, and we found out that there’s a wonderful forest walk up […]

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Haute Koenigsbourg, France

This idyllic landscape was our first proper stop of our long journey up to Scotland. We pulled off the motorway after spotting the castle on the hill and banked vineyards, glowing in the autumn sunshine. After winding our way through a small village amidst the vines, we found a spot at which to park and […]

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Light from the big lake festival fireworks display illuminates the vineyards; you can see the path along the edge of the forest, packed with spectators.

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