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  • Rickenbach, Switzerland

    The rolling hills of Basel-Land

    Photographing picturesque villages amongst the rolling hills of canton Basel-Land.

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  • Arisdorf, Switzerland

    Arisdorf, Switzerland

    A picturesque village set in a rolling landscape, whose name is perhaps more often associated with a nearby motorway tunnel.

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  • Viticcio

    One of the joys of a holiday on the Mediterranean coast is finding small villages, hidden away amongst the folds of the coast, and the special places therein. Although I didn’t know it when I took this photo, there’s an excellent, if tiny, restaurant beneath the gazebo in the centre of this photo. Frequented by […]

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  • Alpine Festival, Lenk

    Mum and Dad were with us in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, and we visited Lenk – in the mountains above the Simmental valley – to see the alpine festival.

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  • Diversion to Leadhills

    We took a diversion off the motorway to explore the wintry countryside and came across the highest village in Scotland, buried in snow.

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