TYPO3 is a browser-based content management system, which runs using PHP and MySQL. I primarily code for this CMS as part of the development team at Bern web agency !frappant.

File structure for Zurb Foundation in TYPO3

A quick question for TYPO3 and front-end developers among you. If you’re using a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap in TYPO3, a) How do you install the framework? Via CLI? b) Where do you install the framework? To the Resources folder? To a subfolder? Thanks for any feedback, here…

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Technical case study: SBB RCS

The latest project we've launched at !frappant is for SBB (Swiss Railways): a microsite for the Rail Control System team, which promotes their work controlling the flow of rail traffic throughout the national network.

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Technical case study: CSS Flexbox for BEKB Flash

CSS Flexbox has been ready for mainstream use for a while now, and I've implemented it on a third client project for my employer.

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Reusability thanks to modular coding

My erstwhile mentor in Brienz taught me throughout our years working together that if a website functionality is worth creating, it's worth creating so that it can be used in more than one project. Programme once, install many times. This is a credo I've maintained since I started programming for content management systems and one I try to pass on when working with other programmers.

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Technical case study: Responsive images at Friendly Work Space

I'm not a fan of one-page websites, as a rule. But making sure that they load as quickly as possible goes a long way to making them acceptable.

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Containers and modules in web design

Using modules in front end web programming to allow more flexibility and more independence from site layouts for content elements.

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Disabling persistent MySQL connections in TYPO3

TYPO3 occasionally throws the following error message when attempting to connect to the MySQL database, blocking the operation of the website. The error also occurs when reporting is set to Production mode in the install tool. Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: #1: PHP Warning: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1040): Too many connections in […]/typo3_src-6.2.13/typo3/sysext/core/Classes/Database/DatabaseConnection.php line 1199…

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Simple alternatives to CAPTCHA

Google announced yesterday that it’s come up with a great new way of avoiding the need for website visitors to fill out the CAPTCHA; the ubiquitous “type the letters from the image into the following field” feature of many online forms. Instead, they propose a simpler interaction based on the…

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Caching problem between TYPO3 and Safari solved

Internet browser Safari has long been known for trying to make the web faster and faster. One of the ways it’s done so is by having a very strong browser cache – storing pages and files locally for as long as possible. Whether Safari has the best caching amongst modern browsers or…

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Technical case study: Bike To Work

Back in 2011, the organizers of Bike To Work Switzerland approached my employer !frappant Webfactory to re-develop their website and the participants’ admin system. I worked with a third-party usability consultant to re-think and re-design the project, before I carried out the design work in Photoshop and the team and…

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New programming techniques in my daily workflow

While my main hobby in my private life is photography, I earn my living through programming websites. Since moving to !frappant back in April last year - has it really been a year already?! - I've been striving to learn as many new techniques as possible. It's been a particular goal to get out of the technical lull which came about due to an excess of concept work and a lack of programming at B-M, and I've already found that the long hours I put in last year - in particular for the Bike To Work project, which is currently running at full pelt - have paid off. I'm up to speed with TYPO3 development, although upcoming newer versions and new core concepts are going to mean more time re-learning the basics. That's one of the great things about the job though; you're never "done", there are always new things just around the corner.

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