TYPO3 is a browser-based content management system, which runs using PHP and MySQL. I primarily code for this CMS as part of the development team at Bern web agency !frappant.

File structure for Zurb Foundation in TYPO3

Published 16th December 2016

A quick question for TYPO3 and front-end developers among you. If you’re using a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap in TYPO3, a) How do you install the framework? Via CLI? b) Where do you install the framework? To the Resources folder? To a subfolder? Thanks for any feedback, here or on Twitter.

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Technical case study: SBB RCS

Published 18th May 2016

The latest project we've launched at !frappant is for SBB (Swiss Railways): a microsite for the Rail Control System team, which promotes their work controlling the flow of rail traffic throughout the national network.

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CSS Flexbox has been ready for mainstream use for a while now, and I've implemented it on a third client project for my employer.

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Reusability thanks to modular coding

Published 20th August 2015

My erstwhile mentor in Brienz taught me throughout our years working together that if a website functionality is worth creating, it's worth creating so that it can be used in more than one project. Programme once, install many times. This is a credo I've maintained since I started programming for content management systems and one I try to pass on when working with other programmers.

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I'm not a fan of one-page websites, as a rule. But making sure that they load as quickly as possible goes a long way to making them acceptable.

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