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  • Tourist influence being felt in Iceland

    How tourist popularity has lead to access being closed to a popular site in Iceland.

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  • Self-defeating tourism in Italy

    The sad way in which the success of a local tourism industry is putting paid to the draw of a peaceful, beautiful region of northern Italy.

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  • The necessary evil

    The Swiss need foreigners to keep their tourism industry afloat, but many resent the fact enough to complain about it, publicly and loudly.

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  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    A lovely idea from Graubünden Tourism. Set up an interactive video advertisement in Zürich’s main station, showing what a beautiful part of the Alps you could end up in by just getting on a train. Then invite passers-by to join you by printing them a free ticket on the spot. (And wait for the initiative to spread across […]

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  • Jaw-dropping aerial views of Switzerland

    Jaw-dropping aerial views of Switzerland

    A twenty minute film in association with Swiss Tourism, showing tremendous aerial views from around Switzerland.

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  • At the heart of the Léman

    At the heart of the Léman

    Léman is the original (some would say “correct”) name for what most of the rest of the world knows as Lake Geneva. It’s one of the most varying beautiful and vibrant regions of Switzerland, with a seemingly endless range of castles, vineyards, lakes and mountains. The local tourism organizations certainly had a lot to work […]

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  • Zermatt’s Famous Goats

    For six weeks in the summer every year, young children under the watchful eye of a more experienced adult lead the local half brown, half white goats through the streets of Zermatt twice a day.

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  • Take the tourist shot

    When I first planned to hike to Bachalp above Grindelwald, I had envisaged not taking the photo above. However, the reception which the photo has received since posting it to Flickr has made me glad that I did.

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