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Lugano and Monte Brè

Shooting into a scene with loads of glare; I’m buggered if I can get the colour balance right on this one: this is as close as I can manage.

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Morcote, Ticino

A little bit of summer feeling on this cold, grey day. More from the area at

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Campione d’Italia

Looking on the map at the area on the eastern shores of Switzerland’s Lake Lugano, you’ll come across a small anomaly: the municipality of Campione d’Italia. The municipality, which is entirely surrounded by Switzerland’s territory, is tiny: little more than a village, a winding road clambering its way up a vertiginous cliff, and a section of lake front. Such an unusual piece of country deserves a visit.

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Truck stop, Bellinzona

An everyday view in this part of the world, yet still impressive; a truck stop heading south from the Gotthard Road Tunnel, en route into the southern Swiss canton of Ticino.

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Lake Lugano

This image is now available to order as a print, poster or greetings card.

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