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Tourist tips for south west Pembrokeshire

A friend from Switzerland appreciated the area through my photos last year and asked for some tips of some “must-see” places to visit on a short summer trip. After emailing details at the time, it’s taken me a while to get the tips into shape for a blog post… but here it is, at last!

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The Night Life of Fudge

Although more prominent memories of Tenby are shops selling polystyrene surfboards and t-shirts printed to order, rock and local fudges are also a strong memory. This shop, closed for the evening and inexplicably illuminated by ultra-violet light, is on the street passing the Five Arches, which we passed on our way from the multi-storey car […]

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North Beach, Tenby

After re-location to a hotel on the North Cliff above Tenby, our plan was to get up early this morning to photograph the fishing boats and coloured houses on the harbour-front. Sadly, rain and grey skies greeted us at 7 a.m. so we lingered over baths and breakfast before visiting family friends and watching the […]

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