Learning from the masters

I re-discover the web technology podcast “Big Web Show” and look forward to hearing all of the back episodes.

Brain Dump

A great coincidence, after yesterday’s post, that US web developer Jason Santa Maria has linked to a list of tips by Pixar story artist Emma Coats, who has tweeted a series of “story basics” recently: guidelines that she learned from her more senior colleagues on how to create appealing stories. The tips are just as… (Read More)


One of the greatest problems that I face on a daily basis is that of a lack of focus. I love to do so many things – taking and editing photos, creating designs for websites and books, programming – that when I’m fired up, it’s difficult to know where to start and where – or… (Read More)

Apple iPad announced

Apple announced the new iPad today. My first thoughts on how I, as a photographer and media developer, may be able to use such a device.

iPhone and AirTunes

How I’ve hooked up my iPhone, laptop and stereo system to have a 50Gb wireless audio system at home.

Social media outages today

As I take a moment or two out of my day, Twitter is currently unavailable and has been so for over an hour.

Keeping abreast

What is important to me, as a web user, programmer and community member, is the ability to access information both online and offline. I have long used the internet as a means of keeping in touch and keeping up to date, whether through reading British and American newspapers, writing email, using Skype to talk with… (Read More)