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A Year In Switzerland

One year ago today, you and I arrived back in Switzerland after I went to the U.K. to collect you. In that time, we’ve spent pretty much every day together, we’ve become engaged, begun planning our wedding, and made a life together which is so much better than the life we had when we lived […]

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Swiss Ambitions

Building work near Basel airport includes an extension of an existing, extensive casino area, though claims to be "The Swiss Las Vegas" may be over-optimistic, if only in terms of weather and size.

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Great Frontage

A traditional Swiss farmhouse, transplanted from Ostermundingen (BE) and re-built in the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum at Brienzwiler. Note the fake windows in the upper level, which have been painted onto the wood to make the frontage seem more impressive and the (original) owner more opulent. This and many other farmhouses and outbuildings in the museum, […]

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