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  • Winter Sunset

    A tremendously colourful winter sunset in Brienz, where I used to work, looking from the small tourist village along the lake to Interlaken.

  • Continuing in the series of individual photos along the Thames which I took in 1999 for a City and Guilds photo course.

  • Leaving Capri

    Thoughts of our upcoming late Spring holiday to the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily, have inspired me to have a flick through last year’s holiday shots.

  • I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a trip to an iconic London landmark through a contact I made at a media conference in 2008.

  • A Sun, Drowning

    As office workers and shop girls sway home from the city on the dusty local train, the sun reaches out orange tendrils of light. Plucking ineffectually at the clouds, trying desperately to gain purchase, it sinks inexorably in the rolling landscape before the clouds catch fire and shadow overwhelms its realm. The death is ferocious:…

  • I am inspired once more to pull my finger out and start putting photographic books together. One of them will be a series of shots of the Niesen, which I see as this view every day from our sitting room window.

  • This was one of the most challenging shots of our trip to Italy. Making my way through the crowded upper deck on a fast, bouncing boat travelling over rough seas, to make it down the rearward-facing steps and onto the small platform at the rear of the boat, above the engines. Wedging myself into the…