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Posts about sunrise

  • Everyone sees photos differently. Some simply see a place they know or blots on the landscape like electricity pylons and motorways, whilst others see a sunset or sunrise and the beauty of a single cloud, illuminated in a beautiful colour. The same photo can conjure up myriad memories for myriad people, whilst remaining completely boring…

  • Catching the first train from Zermatt onto the mountain and photographing the most well-known peak in Switzerland.

  • Upside-down sun

    The sun, projected through small holes in our window blinds, cast a mirror image of itself on our bedroom wall.

  • Shot from near the train station in Spiez this morning, just as the first rays of sun found a way through the clouds to illuminate the town.

  • A photo which probably represents the end of Autumn.

  • … I was taking this photograph out of the bedroom window.