Backstage at AvatarDay 4

Barbara Hess organized the fourth in an annual series of studio days for this afternoon in Bern, Switzerland, to which anyone could come along and get a free portrait photo taken for their online profile pages. I took my …

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Nadav Kander talks about his portraiture

Nadav Kander talks about his portraiture

Photographer Nadav Kander talks about his portraiture in this 13 minute film.

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Studio workshop

I ran the latest of my photographic workshops last weekend and chose (mainly because of the time of year) to hold it in the studio. Thanks to the ready availability of the studio space at Satzart in Bern, we were able to use the spacious room to cover basic introduction to the Elinchrom equipment and lighting in general, before moving on to more specific setups in the afternoon.

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Studio training course in Bern

I ran a course earlier in the year on the subject of portraiture and lighting, which was very well received by the attendees and which I really enjoyed organizing. I’ve been planning to run a similar photo course for a while now, and have decided that the next event will…

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We Go

We Go

Friends Choo Choo release their next music video, conceived and filmed by their bass player Yan.

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Isa in the studio

A portrait shoot in the Satzart studio in Bern.

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First lighting workshops completed

I've carried out the first of my photographic lighting workshops for 2011 and there are still places available for the next one in Zurich in June.

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Swiss Strobist – the next level

I'm happy to announce that starting in June, I'll be taking the Swisss Strobist workshops to the next level. Moving away from the previous days with large groups of attendees, I'll be leading affordable half- and one day courses both on location and in the studio. Each course is specially prepared for photographers who have learned how to use a Cactus trigger or PocketWizard, but who have only covered the basics in Strobist photography and now want to know what to do with this comparatively new technical know-how.

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Habi and Nina in the studio

One of the reasons I organize photographic meetup days is so that I can learn new techniques and use equipment that I might not have encountered before.

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One of my favourite pictures of the year, which was shot at the end of a studio session a couple of weeks ago.

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Swiss Strobist Studio Day

Photos from my day in the studio with the Swiss Strobist group.

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A stern portrait of a fun guy and friend at last weekend's studio meetup near Bern.

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Studio fun

I return to the studio this weekend, to use full studio lighting for the first time in many years and share experience and ideas with a number of colleagues from the Swiss Strobist group.

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Helios 5 in 1

A technical review and explanation of the Helios 5 in 1 reflector/diffuser combination, which I added to my collection of equipment this week.

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Open air studio

After trying out the lighting technique I mentioned yesterday, of a large diffused light source right above the subject, I wanted to apply the technique to an outdoor location. When we set up the shots under cover in Interlaken (but outside), the first problem was that there were no suitably white walls to hand. If you ever find yourself in this situation, there's an easy solution: simply expose your shot for the person you're photographing and then over-expose the background of the shot by at least three stops.

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The eye of the beholder

I learned an important lesson in portrait photography last weekend: that of how ready the subject is to see themselves in an honest and detailed image, when they may be seeing themselves this way for the first time.

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Back in the studio

It's been a while since I've been in the studio and taken high contrast black and white portraits, so Jo helped me this evening to practice.

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Inexpensive still-life photography

View this image larger at Flickr » This Lladró statue, designed by Francisco Català, was a gift from my parents and fits well with my photographic tendencies. It is also a great test piece for studio photography,…

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Learning a lot, a little at a time

Learning a lot, a little at a time

This is a short (ten minute) outtake from David Hobby‘s workshop DVD set, which is on sale for US$139. The price seems steep for “just” a DVD, but reconsider: what you’re actually getting isn’t just a film, but an in-depth tutorial over eight DVDs (over ten hours of…

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Yesterday evening, Jo agreed to be my wife. I am both the luckiest and happiest man alive.

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