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This Kiss

One of a set of street photographs I took between Spiez and Bern this morning, on my way to work. Many of the shots were grabbed from waist height or with only minimal framing. View the complete set here:

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Medium format scan

In the absence of ready cash to buy a new scanner, I’ve finally found a photo shop which is capable of decent, low cost medium format scanning. Photo Vision, in the Marktgasse in Bern, offer 16 bit TIFF files for Fr 3.50 each, scanned at a purported 4,800 dpi to produce 80 megapixel files. This […]

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This is the first of a new series of shots, in which I’ll be using strangers to make multiplicity photos. The subjects will often be oblivious of the fact that they’re taking part, and even if they see that I’m taking photos, they will not be asked to take part in any kind of set-up […]

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