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Jo, Swiss Strobist workshop, Zurich

After a break of almost two years, and a handful of small lighting courses both on location and in the studio, I’ve decided to organize more free days of photography and learning in the style of the Swiss Strobist days. The day will allow participants to work in groups together with models, to try out […]

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Out of the blue

Jo posed for me in the stairwell to an underground car park during last Sunday’s Swiss Strobist practical day, whilst I fiddled with the camera white balance to create an unusual effect.

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Out of the Blue

The last shot of the day; a thousand thanks to Jo for putting her thigh and calf muscles to the test to get this shot! Strobist info: camera white balance set to 2,500 K (creating the blue effect) and a single zoomed flash from above with two full CTO gels to achieve regular white light […]

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After Sieff

A stairwell in a hotel somewhere in Paris. It was cheap and in an arrondissement unknown to tourists, where the walk at night from the Métro took me past bars full of cigarette-smoking locals, who watched silently. Around the corner, the glass telephone box had recently been smashed and an alleyway below a back window […]

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