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Castor and Pollux, Zermatt VS

Both peaks are over 4,000m (13,000 feet) above sea level and are named for twin figures from Greek mythology. Photographed from the (much more accessible) neighbouring peak at Gornergrat.

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The Road Is Closed

The road to the Susten Pass, before being cleared for the summer season. Read more, view this image larger and view more photos from the series on my website.

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Going the extra mile

I decided to take advantage of glorious warm weather and the Easter bank holiday to visit the closed stretch of road near the upper reaches of the Susten pass in Switzerland.

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Graustock and Trübsee

Lake Trübsee (currently frozen over and covered in snow, in the foreground of this photo) lies above the town of Engelberg and below the massive heights of the Titlis peak. Alongside the more famous neighbour is the Graustock, in the right of this picture, which is the junction point of the three cantons of Bern, […]

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Alpe di Sassello

Photographed from the old Monte Ceneri mountain pass road. It’s interesting to see the afternoon winter light showing up what appears to be a different style of topography; instead of glacial erosion, the mountains here seem to almost be worn down by normal erosion. (I could be wrong, of course.)

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Braving the elements

Delighted that my parents braved the cold and wintry conditions to see that with the right outdoor gear and the right dosage of warm soup, Switzerland is just as beautiful in winter as in summer. :)

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