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Memories of Thirlmere

An old haunt, which I first visited in very similar conditions in the mid 1990s. This weather and this landscape were where I first began trying to take “proper” landscape photos using a Mamiya C330 on loan from a friend and mentor. I used to drive around the English Lake District fairly aimlessly, looking for […]

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Frau Holle

There are many unusual phrases which crop up from time to time when you live in a country where the national language is predominantly foreign. In the German language, there are a great number of phrases or unfamiliar references, from the slightly coarse to the bizarre. One such reference comes around at this time of […]

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And so it begins

Just as summer arrived in the Bernese Oberland late this year, so the first snow fall has arrived early. But that’s OK: the sun is shining and it looks beautiful.

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