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The lowest of the three stations along the Eiger Run sledging route, beneath the massive cliffs of the Eiger itself.

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Eiger North Wall Chairlift

The new 6-seater chairlift running from Arvengarten to the base of the north wall of the Eiger, photographed from the Eiger Run sledge track above Grindelwald. In the background, the peaks of the Jungfrau and adjacent mini-peak of the Silberhorn. View larger at Permanent Tourist.

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Eiger Run

A photo and video from the Eiger Run sledge route, between the mountain-top hamlet of Kleine Scheidegg and tourist centre at Grindelwald.

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Melchsee Frutt

An old photo which I dug out of my archive. This small village is tucked away in the mountains above the Sarnersee in canton Obwalden and is where Jo’s godparents live.

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Proper Sledging

Jo and I go sledging in subzero temperatures from Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald, along a hairpin 7.5 km route through the forests beneath the north wall of the Eiger.

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Bussalp sledge run

Photographed on the way down to Grindelwald in 2005. Part of a reminiscent gallery at Permanent Tourist.

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Joy of Winter

With the death of summer and the passing of autumn, comes the joy of a new-born winter.

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