A new perspective – Faulensee

A new perspective – Faulensee

Short sequence of aerial views of Faulensee in Switzerland.

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Forever young

Forever young

We’re incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place, and incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the sight of the Blümlisalp paddle steamer, which passes our home every day in summer, hooting loudly as it arrives at the landing quay in the village a few hundred metres away.

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Faulensee, Switzerland

1st August is Switzerland’s national day, and fireworks and communal events are the norm. On Lake Thun, in the Bernese Oberland, the main ships of the local transport company parade around the lake and the surrounding villages time their firework displays to coincide with their arrival.

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A pint with a view

I’m sometimes asked for tips on places to see and to visit in London. Among other things, visitors want to know where to eat and my usual tip – especially in the summer – is the Tattershall Castle. Although it may sound like the name of a pub, it’s…

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Winter season on Lake Thun

Local lake shipping company BLS now runs a daily ship service in the winter months.

2nd December 2012 | Read more »

Fun with timelapse photography

Fun with timelapse photography

I've tinkered with timelapse photography at several points over the past few years, and have begun to refine my technique using a digital SLR over the past few weeks. This article explains how, with an example sequence of a cruise ship leaving Invergordon in Scotland.

22nd July 2010 | Read more »

Evening Cruise

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they'll probably be familiar with me excusing myself during dinner to step out and photograph the sunset.

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Lac Léman at Montreux

A panoramic view of Lac Léman from the top floor of the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in Montreux.

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Spirit of Lucerne

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Big Scary Man

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