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Abington Services, Lanarkshire

Jo and I visited many motorway service stations during our trip to the UK, but this was my favourite, amongst the frozen, icy, rolling hills of the south of Scotland.

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Abington, Lanarkshire

Our intended destination on Christmas Eve, after driving up from Hampshire en route to Dundee. As the roads were clear, we took just a short break here and carried on.

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Getting good prints from a lab – part 1

Having bought a Mamiya 645 a few months ago, I wanted to make a return to the traditional chemical processing techniques which I used for many years until switching to a digital workflow in 2004. I’m interested in the difference in print quality – in terms of sharpness and colour reproduction – between traditional printing and the scanned negative printed via digital means.

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Hail, lightning and torrential rain: a good time for a break, in the fourth country of the day.

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