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  • WordPress expert Mark Howells-Mead

    If you’re writing a plugin which needs to connect to a third-party service, there’s a relatively high chance that you’ll need to store credentials securely.

  • Using a third-party service to compare your website before and after a technical update.

  • Keeping your data safe

    Using a mixture of password segments stored digitally and a second segment stored manually, access to online systems becomes highly secure.

  • New legislation means that pretty much every air travel passenger must submit their personal travel documentation – passport information – before arriving at the airport.

  • With an audience comes responsibility. Use it wisely and carefully.

  • Security threat

    Not a great photo, but I’m posting it in order to wind up a security guard and highlight the photographic policy in the Wellgate shopping centre in Dundee. Moments after taking this, I was accosted and asked what I was doing. This photo is dangerous material, as I could’ve been taking this shot of the…