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Stoer, Scotland

Yes, Scotland. The white sand beaches, rocky coastline and remote hamlets were what I’d travelled so far to see and this was the first of a series of stopping-off points along the remote coastline north of Lochinver. Despite the wind and the long, single-track road, the beach was pretty busy with walkers and surfers, taking […]

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The never ending snake of a path

Further up the mountain, on the way to see the Sciara di Fuoco on the volcanic island of Stromboli. This view was from approximately half way up the path from the restaurant in the picture, which was itself a good hour’s walk from the dock on the far side of the island. Add the fact […]

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The Restaurant at the End of the World

After processing a lot of photos from the past couple of months, I’m happy to be returning to the photos I took when Jo and I were on holiday in Italy this May. This is the next in the sequence of photos I’d like to show you, which is of the restaurant one passes on […]

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Like this, but not here

Jo and I are off to Salina and Sicily on Thursday. I might be able to send photos from my phone but if it keeps playing silly buggers, you’ll have to wait until we get back. :-) This shot is from our trip last year to the Amalfi coast.

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Leaving Capri

Thoughts of our upcoming late Spring holiday to the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily, have inspired me to have a flick through last year’s holiday shots.

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Shooter on the Tower

Graham rains down shots from the Mid Tower at Tantallon Castle. I think that he may have enjoyed being an archer in a previous life….

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Bass Rock

Thanks again to Graham for the repeated loan of the lens!

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Cliff Edge

Thanks to Graham for the repeated loan of his ultra-wide-angle lens while we were there!

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House of Dreams

A second attempt of creating an infra-red effect using a digital image taken in East Lothian last weekend. Dramatic darkening of blue skies and the high contrast of brilliant whites are a feature of using this method, which can easily be achieved in Photoshop by switching to the "Channels" tab («Kanäle», for German users), duplicating […]

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Low Tide

A converted digital image I took when I was with Graham for the day in East Lothian, along the coast from Edinburgh. It’s a lovely shot, but has reminded me to get out and take film photographs again, using black and white film and a red filter.

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