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SBB CFF FFS is the Swiss national railway company.

General Abonnement

By my reckoning, I have made the journey between Brienz and Spiez nearly three and a half thousand times in the past seven and a half years: a phenomenal number of trips backwards and forward for a person who used to long to abandon the car and travel in relaxing comfort on public transport. Back […]

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Station, Brienz, Switzerland

Although this would be a great one for the upcoming issue of Swiss Peeks, I’ll have to go back and shoot it with a proper camera. It’s a pleasure to be heading home in daylight again.

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Recycling, Spiez, Switzerland

There’s a Great Spring Clean going on at home at the moment, of which I have only been slightly involved. It’s wonderful coming home to a sparkling flat where the clean lines of furniture are visible again. Thanks baby, for all your hard work. (These aren’t our PET bottles, by the way.)

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