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Piscina Mirabilis

Arriving in the town of Bacoli, on the headland a few miles west of the centre of Naples, you feel a long way from the tourist crowds and certainly not anywhere historic or especially noteworthy. But look into the history of the area and you’ll find that the bay here, now surrounded by slightly shabby buildings and busy with […]

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Capo Miseno

“At the top of the great stone lighthouse, hidden beyond the ridge of the southern headland, the slaves were dousing the fires to greet the dawn. It was supposed to be a sacred place. According to Virgil, this was the spot where Misenus, the herald of the Trojans, slain by the sea god Triton, lay […]

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Hardknott Roman Fort, Cumbria

This sizeable fort was built around 2,100 years ago and is situated at the foot of the high and narrow Hardknott Pass. What on earth the Romans got up to in such a bleak location is open to speculation, though they did have roman baths, complete with hot and cold pools.

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