Post series Road Trip 2010

In June and July 2010, Jo and I spent two weeks on the road: travelling by car from our home in Switzerland to the north of Scotland and back again. These posts detail some of the highlights of our trip.

  • Colour me impressed

    OK, OK, I know: I’m a city boy at heart. But I defy anyone to be less than impressed when rounding a corner on a lonely road in the Scottish Highlands at dusk to be confronted with a hillside covered in wild red deer.

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  • Balchrick, Scotland

    Although it doesn’t look much, this remote – really remote – hamlet was the turning point on our mammoth road trip last summer, from Switzerland to Scotland and back.

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  • Oldshoremore

    Beyond Kinlochbervie lies one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Sutherland: Oldshoremore.

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  • Loch a’ Chàirn Bhàin

    Clouds draw in over a remote sea loch in the far north west of Scotland, as we pass by on a long day’s round trip from Alness.

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  • Suilven, from the main road

    The Main Road in the Western Highlands

    During a day’s driving to the north western corner of Scotland this summer, much of the round trip to our destination was on a road like this.

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  • Tarbat Ness Lighthouse

    The classic lighthouse of the children’s storybook is a tall white tower, banded with red and surrounded on most sides by the sea, looming above treacherous rocks and shining its light far and wide to tell people to stay away.

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  • Conquering Catbells

    It had long been a goal of Jo’s and mine to extend our walking and “bag” one of the Lakeland fells. However, we hadn’t anticipated doing so in quite such a challenging way.

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  • Fun with timelapse photography

    Fun with timelapse photography

    I’ve tinkered with timelapse photography at several points over the past few years, and have begun to refine my technique using a digital SLR over the past few weeks. This article explains how, with an example sequence of a cruise ship leaving Invergordon in Scotland.

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  • “Church of the Motorway”, Rastatt, Germany

    A visit to the “motorway church” of St. Christophorus in Baden-Württemberg during our 2010 road trip from Switzerland to the UK and back.

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  • Road Trip 2010 – Switzerland to Belgium

    The first leg of this year’s summer holiday takes us from home in Switzerland through France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

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