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Thun Castle and River Aare

Taken on our way back from a short Sunday afternoon tour to Interlaken, Justistal and then home via the Chinese takeaway in Thun :)

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Whisky Water, Cairngorm

I love the water in the Scottish highlands. It looks as though the whisky, which is made from this water, comes straight from the ground and into the glass. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice my new logo embedded into this photo, which has been professionally designed for me and which forms a part of the […]

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Timelapse: Swimming in the Aare, Bern

A lowres test version: as you can see, I forgot to clean my sensor before taking these sequences this lunchtime :-( British blogger in Switzerland Diccon Bewes explains more about the Aare river "swim" on his blog, at…

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Schwellenmätteli, Bern

The Schwellenmätteli is a restaurant built on the banks of the Aare river, beneath the Kirchenfeld bridge and the old city of Bern.

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Bern city from Gurten

A panoramic view of the river Aare and much of the city of Bern, including the old town, the federal palace and minster. Photographed from the top of the viewing tower atop the neighbouring hill at Gurten.

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