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Strandbad Rheinfelden

About as close as we can get to visiting Germany at the moment; the car park next to the Rhine on the edge of Switzerland. (The river marks the northern border.)

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Petite Camargue alsacienne

The Petite Camargue Alsacienne is a French nature reserve along the Rhine, just north of the border with Switzerland. It was founded in 1982 as a protected habitat by the French government and is named for the huge nature reserve seven hundred kilometres away, on the shores of the Mediterranean. We visited a couple of […]

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Laufenburg am Rhein, Germany/Switzerland

Laufenburg am Rhein

The picturesque and history-rich town of Laufenburg straddles the river Rhine: one half being in Switzerland, the other in Germany.

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Basel from the Minster

The long-exposure panoramic photo being taken when Nick snapped this one. The Bar Rouge from my other photos is on the thirty first floor of the tower in the centre of the picture. Best viewed large (of course).

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The Red Makes It

For gms, who missed out on frostbite and pink hands on the "Middle Bridge" in Basel.

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