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7 videos in 7 days

For those who may have missed out: one of those meme things went around on Facebook and I posted a favourite video per day over 7 days. 1. Stipe and co. in 1993, with reminiscences of So. Central Rain in their video for “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite”. 2. Eminem as superhero? MTV’d feel so lonely without… (Read More)

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Country Feedback

An absolute, all-time favourite. Filmed for Later… with Jools Holland in 1998.

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Pale Blue Eyes

An excerpt from photographer Laura Levine’s unreleased underground Super-8 film, Just Like A Movie, featuring Michael Stipe.

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A song for the end of the world.

Random Ear Movements

A detailed look back on a little over twenty years as an R.E.M. fan, with details of what each of the albums means to me and what part music has played in my life so far.

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